I am Károly Balogh, a craftsman specializing in the weaving of traditional Hungarian baskets. I have been in the basketmaking trade for 20 years. I make a variety of baskets: table baskets, storage baskets, hampers, market baskets and shoppers, square baskets and drawers etc (click on submenu's).

On my website I offer workshops for visitors, I show basketmaking techniques step-by-step and you can find a catalogue of products as well. I give courses ranging from few hours-long workshops to week-long ones. Participants will learn the basic techniques of basket weaving. There are descriptions of basketmaking techniques as downloadable .PDF files. Even though these are in Hungarian, understanding is easy due to the images which provide clear instructions for international visitors. 

I warmly invite interested visitors to Nádudvar to experience living Hungarian tradition. Contact: balogkarcsi(at)gmail(dot)com

My friend, Randy C. Lawrence writing from Oregon, USA:

„You may or may not know that Hungarian traditions and hospitality are alive and well in Nadudvar Hungary. They are kept alive through individuals as my good friend Károly Balogh. I met Károly in 1999 at a Téka Tábor in Nagykálló (Teka is Hungarian band who organize summer camps of music and traditional handicrafts) where he lent his expertise as a professional basket weaver teaching this fine traditional art form. Assited by his sense of hospitality and patience the beginer is inspired to the creation of fine works.

As Nadudvar is a closely intertwined community of traditional artisans, you are invited to immerse in varied media and unique artistic creation. from Basket weaving to traditional black pottery you will find home in Nádudvar.”